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Centerfold Peggy McIntaggartPeggy McIntaggart was born into a family of four brothers in a small rural town in Canada. She grew up living life like many tom boys do; riding motorcycle, snowmobile, and fishing. At 18, Peggy moved to Toronto and had worked odd modeling jobs to put herself through cosmetology school. After graduating, Peggy moved to Japan to further her modeling career. After a year over seas, Peggy was invited to stay at the Playboy Mansion by Carrie Leigh who was dating Hugh M. Hefner, whom she had modeled with in Toronto.

They call Peggy a Jack Of All Trades and a Master Of All, Peggy has taken a love for entertainment in all aspects of entertaining and the love of cooking was definetly one of them since she grew up with four brothers that loved to eat. Also one of her brothers became a Chef studying under Chef Paul, so they always competed in the kitchen. Peggy has a great respect for all chefs and that is why she loves to highlight Chef’s Corner.

After arriving in Los Angeles, Peggy appeared in movies such as Into the Night, Weird Science and Beverly Hills Cop 11, she has also done a list of hit TV shows. Peggy started working for Playboy Studios as a Make-up Artist, too.  Since then she has worked with a celebrity clientele in rock and fashion. In 1992, Peggy married gold and silver medalist Bob Seagren, and the couple had twins five years later. Now divorced, Peggy raises her two children in Los Angeles. She also prides herself on having a “rolodex of colorful people,” and has worked with Herbie Hancock as his personal assistant, garnering herself a wealth of knowledge from her mentor.

Peggy has now focused her attention to Babes Night Out. She is also a Certified Holistic Healer and energy worker. She has done extensive study in life coaching. Peggy cannot wait to start hosting live Red Carpet Events in Los Angeles for Babes Night Out. And soon, she’ll be hosting in a city near you!

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